“It’s simple. Our purpose is to enhance the health and well-being of our community by offering the highest quality care within a warm and friendly atmosphere!” - Alvarado Healthcare

Back Pain

“Dr. Marcus and his staff are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. After 2 quick appointments, I feel better and have learned a lot about the reasons for my pain and soreness. I definitely recommend checking out this new practice in town. On a more personal side-note, Dr. Marcus is a passionate small business owner who is genuinely interested in helping our community!”

“Dr. Marcus has provided me the best chiropractic experience I've ever had. I have had back and neck pain for years that have lead to chronic migraines and have never found anything that helped more than temporarily. Dr. Marcus was patient with my treatment worked not only with my spine but with my muscles to loosen the tension. I recommend him to everyone. He's a great Chiropractor and is an extremely friendly person!”

“I've been to chiropractors for about 20 years. Dr Marcus Alvarado is the only chiropractor that I have truly have seen actual changes and healing in my body!”

“In less than 1 day Dr. Marcus eased my excruciating back pain to a tolerable level. He’s very professional and knowledgeable in his chiropractic practice.”

Foot Pain

“Dr. Marcus was instrumental in helping to reveal terrible foot pain-that was causing me loss of sleep. In 4 weeks, I was back to sleeping through the night. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Marcus and his office. They are truly into the care of their patients.”

“After seeing 7 doctors (GP, Diabetes, Liver, Pain Specialist, Hematologist, Athletic and Podiatrist) Marcus quickly and correctly diagnosed the problem with my night foot pain as Tarsal Tunnel (which I'd never heard of from any of the others). With three applications of vibration, manipulation and deep laser heat it went away. I've been pain free for 2 months now. I do vibration on a noisy air compressor and manipulation of the toes at home. Hooray. Oh, I also have to say he charges too little, less than my Medicare+Supplement health insurance co-pay.”

Shoulder Pain

“I found my experience was very good. Dr Alvarado relieved the pain in my shoulder and got it back to working in no time. Front Desk was always helpful and accommodating . I recommend this office.”


“I was hesitant about following some suggestions to try a chiropractor, but also desperate to help my 3 month old baby’s gas pains caused by only having stools every few days.
Dr. Marcus was great with him! He was gentle and so helpful. Baby went 4 times the following day and seems to be going a little bit more regularly with less pains. We will definitely be seeing him again if we need to get some relief in the future.”

Knee Pain

“I started seeing Dr Alvarado 1 month ago. I was using a cane and had excruciating pain in my right leg every time I stood up. I had been going to Physical Therapy elsewhere and my overall strength improved but the pain was not going away. Dr Alvarado uses lots of massage Therapy and my leg had so many knots in it. I can now get up from chairs without the sharp pain. I can also walk without the cane with a normal movement. Still a little work left to achieve steps without pain and being able walk more than a mile. I am so glad I decided to try Dr Alvarado. I have been having problems since March. Thank you Dr.”


“Dr. Marcus is amazing, he has helped me with my migraines and back pain. I appreciate everything he continues to do with my pain management.”

Post Surgical

“I just spent 20 to 30 min with Dr. Marcus Alvarado and asked him to work on my shoulder and neck from post surgery issues. 
I have been in PT since March 7 and for the first time after treatment with Dr Alvarado I had no pain. I cannot express what that felt like, but I assure you I cried in joy! 
He was thorough, listened to me, actually looked at both shoulders and did very gentle movements. Dr Alvarado did explain what he was doing every step. When you are in chronic pain all you really care about are the moments you don't have pain. Thank you Dr Alvarado for helping me break a cycle of chronic pain and giving me hope for the future.”

Words Of Appreciation

“Pain free for the first time in 2 months! Dr. Alvarado and his staff are so friendly! Very reasonably priced if you have to do a self pay option. Thank you!”

“Quickly and efficiently relieved my neck pain. Dr. Alvarado is very pleasant and very skilled...”

“Dr. Marcus is amazing!! He is so sweet, attentive and gentle! I'm amazed by what a difference my visits with him have made in my every day pain and energy levels. I am so grateful for this place.”

“Dr. Marcus is very focused and able to evaluate quickly the problem so that you see relief now! I am very grateful to have been referred to the right person to get my problem treated effectively. I would recommend Alvarado Health Care to anyone who has any doubts about getting help.”

“I am so impressed with Dr. Marcus. He has created a welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Marcus makes sure I understand each movement so I can replicate them at home. His concern for my health is much appreciated.”

“Dr. Marcus Alvarado spends time with you to learn what type of issues you are having so he can treat them, but also gets to know you as a person so he can help you achieve your goals! They have great hours & a friendly staff at Alvarado Healthcare.”

“Dr. Marcus was kind and very informative. I am confident that the treatment plan will have me back to normal in no time! The Front Desk welcomed me and was super helpful checking in and out! Wonderful team!”

“Very impressed with Dr. Alvarado. He listens and explains where the pain is coming from and how he can help. Takes his time to understand the problem.”